Electronic Real Estate Forms – Welcome to ViMO

May 2nd, 2016

vimo logoElectronic real estate forms have now been in use for the past year. Real estate sales professionals across Ontario have begun or are thinking about how they can incorporate electronic real estate forms into their day-to-day business and with good reason.

Signing new engagement agreements and negotiating offers digitally removes a painful, paper-laden process. So what’s the best way to go about implementing electronic real estate forms and signing into your workflow?

First things first: if you are planning to go paperless or do more on the go then we highly recommend getting a tablet. Many document management tools are delivered via mobile app so you will need a device in order to use one of these tools. A mobile app will also wow your clients because you will be able to do more when on the road on a tablet than you can your smartphone.

Secondly, consider your tools. While there are generic document management tools that you can use, you can actually cut down on your apps by looking at industry specific apps which also offer electronic real estate forms. The other benefit to industry apps that offer electronic document management is that you can do more in one place.

A great example: Meet ViMO, GeoWarehouse’s extremely convenient partner program. ViMO is a mobile app that was released last year by Teranet and is designed specifically for real estate sales professionals.

While ViMO is actually a marketing app where real estate sales professionals can promote listings, collaborate with other colleagues, and work with clients to estimate their property values or research neighbourhoods, it also offers the unique capability of digital document management, namely electronic real estate forms the ability to sign digitally.

You simply create your forms in ViMO and your client can sign using their finger, right on a tablet.

Implementing the signing of electronic real estate forms on your mobile device is the way to go. Think about all the trips back and forth from your office to sign up a new client, negotiate a listing agreement or offer of purchase and sale. Now you can prepare everything you require, right in front of the client. Think new buyer: when meeting them, ViMO will enable you to create and sign the terms of your representation and then together you can look at properties of interest right on ViMO.

Technology and changes to the laws to move with technology have changed the real estate landscape again and no doubt will continue to do so. Want to stay competitive – think electronic real estate forms.

ViMO is the best there is. Find out more at www.myvimo.ca.