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Once I have a license, how do I obtain an image?

You will begin by locating your subject property, by performing a search on the GeoWarehouse homepage.

Once you have located your subject property click the link labelled “Property Details”.

Now look at the “Map Window” and the View from “Map View” to “House View”. Now you can see the property as though you were standing in front of it. 

On the bottom of the “Map Window” there are six blue icons. The last of the bottom three blue icons, enables you to purchase Streetscape and PivotView images. 

After clicking on it a dialog box will appear prompting you to create your images.

First you will choose a preferred view of the property – you can zoom in on the map and change the view point. Once you are finished you will click next.

Next you will create a “walk around” of the property using PivotView. You will do this by clicking on the image and dragging it around to pivot around the property. When you are finished you will click next again.

Now you can capture still images by clicking on the property and dragging it around. Use the camera icon to take desirable still images. Once you are finished, simply click finish.

Finally you will be asked if you want to save your PivotView Images and Still Images.

You will have to wait a moment for GeoWarehouse to upload the data.

Now you can click on the download links to download your images.

You can also access the walkabout of the property by clicking on the link. 

You can also embed the link of the walkabout in your website or email it to clients.