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How do I locate a property (perform a search) in GeoWarehouse?

You can locate a property or perform a search on GeoWarehouse four different ways.
How to perform a search by address:

  1. Click the tab titled “Address”
  2. First select the Land Registry Office
  3. Next, input the property address and then click search.

How to perform a search by address range:

  1. Click on the “address range” tab.
  2. Next you will select the Land Registry Office and input what numbers “From – To” you would like to search and finally the street name.
  3. The Map Window will zoom in on the street and address range. Icons are placed on the addresses that you indicated in the “From-To” fields.
  4. On the pane, on the left hand side that the search results are showing all of the properties located within the address range.

How to perform a search using the map:

  1. Click on the map in the area where the property is located.
  2. Each time you click, the map will continue to zoom in.
  3. Continue clicking and zooming in until you have located your property.

How to perform a search by name:

  1. Click on the tab titled “Name”
  2. Indicate the Land Registry Office location and input the owners first and last name.
  3. After clicking search, the left pane reveals one property owner in this municipality by the name that was searched.