The Differences Between GeoWarehouse and ViMO and Why You Need Them Both

August 18th, 2014

We have had so much positive feedback about the new ViMO (Virtual Mobile Office) product and also continual positive feedback about GeoWarehouse. We have also had some real estate sales professionals ask us if GeoWarehouse and ViMO are one and the same – or are they tools that complement one another? The answer is the latter – they are tools that complement one another. For this reason we decided to put together a little table to help you understand the commonalities and differences between the applications.

vimo geo comparables 1

Having both solutions gives you a powerful combination of both, access to reliable data and information; but also, to sales and marketing support tools that will make you better connected to opportunities, leading to more closed deals – whether or not you have time to go to the office.

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