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Choosing the Right Real Estate Technology

By February 18, 2014No Comments

Real Estate TechnologyWith different real estate technology options available to real estate sales professionals in Ontario, it may leave some wondering: what should I be looking for in a real estate technology and real estate technology provider?

When choosing a real estate technology and provider there are many different things that you should consider:

  • Where is the data coming from? You want to ensure that the data is coming from the most accurate and trustworthy source. If the source is providing data that is out of date, inaccurate or incomplete it can cause you to make costly decisions on behalf of your client.
  • Who is the company providing the service? It will be important to choose a company that has a proven and established track record providing real estate technology and a long standing relationship with the supplier(s) of the data.
  • Does the technology offer maximum benefit? Does the technology do all that it needs to? Does the technology provide you with:
    • Information about a property’s owner, such as their name, mortgage information, etc.?
    • Information about a property, such as a legal description, PIN, sales history information?
    • Information about a particular neighbourhood, such as property owner and sales history information about other properties in a neighbourhood or a neighbourhood itself?
    • Demographic information, such as who lives in the area, schools and more?
    • Aerial imagery of an area to quickly identify positive attributes and also areas of concern?
    • Does the technology enable you to purchase things online like property surveys, condo certificates, etc.?
    • Is there a mobile version of the application?
  • Is the real estate technology provider moving in a progressive direction?

Recent changes to the law mean that real estate sales professionals in Ontario will soon be able to sign some legal documents electronically. Your real estate technology provider should be looking at mobile solutions for you to be able to take advantage of this new capability.

Choosing a real estate sales technology and provider is an important decision because ultimately it will directly impact how agile, efficient and competitive you are. The more that you leverage technology, the faster you will be able to do your job and the more work you will be able to do on the go.

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