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How to Set Up a Digital Open House Using Facebook or Instagram

By May 13, 2019No Comments

Open houses aren’t just for the physical world any more – have you considered using a digital open house?

Hosting online Open Houses using Facebook and Instagram Live is an excellent way to:

  • Enable more people to attend because it’s more convenient.
  • Interact in the chat thread and answer questions as a reference point for new people who join the feed.
  • Easily transmit documents, like your GeoWarehouse property report, in the thread or privately through direct messages if someone is interested in more information.
  • Transmit additional photos and information about the property and neighbourhood.
  • Link to things of interest.
  • And more!

An added bonus: with each digital open house and live event you promote and perform, you will add followers.

Facebook and Instagram Stories can also be useful methods for taking your open house online. These can be used a number of ways.

For instance:

  • You can include the live feed of the digital open house on your story and even pin it on your profile until the property is sold.
  • You can also use the Stories feature to post pictures of properties and ask a question or invite someone to ask you a question and then take the sale opportunity or use it to post the answers to the questions on your stories.

The possibilities of digital open houses are only just beginning! Have you hosted any yet?

In today’s real estate market, it pays to be innovative and use the best digital tools to get the job done and stay competitive. That’s where GeoWarehouse comes in.

With GeoWarehouse, access accurate, up-to-date property information at your fingertips. Learn more today by calling 1-866-237-5937 or visiting