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GeoWarehouse + ViMO = Marketing and Due Diligence on Steroids

By March 18, 2015No Comments

geowarehouseGeoWarehouse + ViMO, ViMO + GeoWarehouse, truly a match made in heaven and the best current toolset for Ontario real estate professionals.

GeoWarehouse – The premier, online due diligence tool for viewing property ownership history, comparable sales, value, home ownership, and registered mortgages, as well as obtaining condo certificates, surveys, Parcel Registers*, MPAC assessment reports and more… If there is a question on a deal, GeoWarehouse is likely able to answer it.

ViMO – The premier mobile app used to market listings, connect and collaborate with clients, colleagues and suppliers, view listings, comparable sales and other information about a property or neighbourhood, sign electronic documents, market to clients and more.

So, ViMO and GeoWarehouse together are a powerful combination and in fact you cannot have ViMO without GeoWarehouse.


In either scenario….

An offer is made

  • Now you can visit the client to review an offer. All documents can now be prepared/adjusted and signed electronically using ViMO. Any back and forth on counteroffers can occur electronically using ViMO.

The offer is finally accepted – now you have to move the deal through to closing.

  • The property is a condo so now you can go back into GeoWarehouse to obtain a condo status certificate and survey electronically to provide to the lawyer and to ensure that there will be no surprises related to the property on closing.

The deal continues to proceed to close.

  • Once with the lawyer, the lawyer advises you that there is a fresh lien filed against the property.
  • You contact the homeowner and they had no idea there was a lien and want more information. Now you go back into GeoWarehouse and using the registration number provided by the lawyer, you request an instrument image to learn all the lien registrant information. Phew – it turns out that the lien was from a debt that had been paid off so it can be discharged – crisis averted.

Your deal closes!

As you can see, ViMO and GeoWarehouse play an integral role in each step of the process of buying and selling a home and accessing both makes you agile, able to offer better, faster service and in the end makes you more competitive.

For more information about the benefits of both GeoWarehouse and ViMO please visit or


*An official product of the Ontario government pursuant to provincial land registration statutes.