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How Your Listing Shows From the Street Matters!!

By August 11, 2014No Comments

Real Estate Sales ProfessionalsWouldn’t you agree that social media and this new digital era have completely changed the way that people share, engage and communicate? Search engines like Google and social sites like Facebook and Pinterest have given people the ability to investigate and research things that they are interested in far quicker and easier than ever before.

It used to be that a real estate sales professional would meet a client and review properties of interest with the client in the office and then go out to see them. Now however, individuals can access the MLS right from their home computers. People driving by one of your listings can snap a photo of your listing and share it instantly with their networks on social media or even by email. Furthermore, other real estate sales professionals, when researching your property using tools like GeoWarehouse, can access aerial and street view imagery of the property without even going there with their client.

How your listing shows from the street matters!

1.   Make sure the house number is easily visible.
2.   Clean the area at the front of the house entirely, removing anything unsightly.
3.   Landscape, landscape, landscape. Ensure the grass is cut at all times and that there is no garbage or junk on the front lawn.
4.   Make sure your client’s trees are pruned.
5.   Suggest that your client may want to consider:
   a)   Giving the front door a fresh coat of paint.
   b)   Giving the driveway a fresh coat of paint.
   c)   If they have a wood patio, giving it a fresh coat of paint.
   d)   Changing lighting and door fixtures.
6.   If the steps leading up to the house are in rough shape, your client can consider precast cement steps as an affordable, good looking viable option.
7.   If there is a patio your client can consider staging a couple of new chairs out front.

Implementing some or all of the above can make a major difference. However, Google, for example, trolls the streets and can sometimes take up to a year to update imagery so you can’t wave a magic wand if there are already bad photos of your listing online. What you can do is ensure that the most current images of your property are promoted online so that if someone is researching your property they are likely to come upon them.

Not only can you post these updated photos on your website, you can also promote them on social media sites and real estate sites. Ensuring that you include the address in the listing title will ensure that when your address is searched there will be a higher likelihood that your listing will appear not only on Google but on other websites as well.

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