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It’s Coming: Enriched Comparable Sales – More, More, More…. Did We Say More?

By May 24, 2016No Comments

geo3Yes, it’s true, the new GeoWarehouse is only a few short months away. You asked and we listened so you will see many new features that simplify the work you do inside GeoWarehouse when working on a deal.

One of these new enhancements is an enriched comparable sales search. We have worked hard to help you get to the comparables you need in the quickest and simplest way. Some highlights:

  1. Quick access to comparable sales search as soon as you have identified a property
  2. A custom polygon drawing tool making it easier to identify and isolate the areas you want to focus on
  3. Real-time statistics right beneath your search result

Finding good comparables when researching a property just got easier! Prior to the official release of the new GeoWarehouse, we invite you to participate in GeoWarehouse Collaborate.

Visit to learn more.