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Mobile Technology for Real Estate to Improve Face-to-Face Interaction with Clients

By December 9, 2013No Comments

Mobile TechnologyThe past decade has revolutionized the value of social media and mobile technology in Canada. Information and the social environment is no longer based on face-to-face interactions, mail, or over the phone. To be fully integrated with society, it has become necessary to access and utilize social media, smart phones, and technology in general.

While this phenomenon is not as common with the older generations, the younger generations have established it as the norm. Generation Y, those born between 1981 and 2000, is part of the younger generations that have become accustomed to this standard in society. It is important to consider this fact because they encompass one-third of Canada’s population and it is also noted to be the fastest growing demographic in the workplace.  It is also projected that in 15 years, Generation Y will compose three-quarters of the workforce. All things considered, the use of technology and social media is progressively becoming more crucial to the workplace environment and society.

Some real estate sales professionals have expressed concern that technology, especially mobile technology, is decreasing human interaction and face-to-face relationships with customers. This natural progression does alter the methods of communication, but it is not necessarily harmful. The utilization of technology continues to progress in both the older and younger generations. It is because of this that technology actually creates more opportunities for real estate sales professionals to compete and engage, especially with this rapidly growing demographic. Technology also allows for an ease in accessibility which will contribute towards your efficiency and productivity. Trips to the office will no longer be necessary, and both you and your client will be more readily available.

What is important is to learn how to leverage technology and behaviour to embrace clients who use technology religiously. It is essential to develop parallels between face-to-face interaction and interaction using technology to find ways to achieve the same result with clients using both established mediums. Beat the competition by using technology to your advantage. Mobile technology will allow you to work efficiently and update yourself with social media.  Keep yourself updated, and search for available applications that will allow you to integrate more mobile capability into your workflow.