How to Get a Condo Status Certificate Online

Anytime a condo is sold the buyer’s lawyer will ask for a current dated condo status certificate. A condo status certificate is a large document that can be 100 pages in length or more. The condo status certificate must be provided when requested by an owner. It can come with…

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New LinkedIn Group for Ontario Real Estate Sales Professionals

We are excited to announce that we now have a LinkedIn group created solely for you – Ontario real estate sales professionals . If you are an Ontario real estate sales professionals  and become a member you may be eligible to win a Kobo E-Reader. Visit to join today!  

Why is Having Access to a Property Survey So Important?

In most real-estate transactions, and even when there is title insurance, the lawyer who represents the buyer will often request a property survey. If you are a REALTOR® then you know that a property survey is often included as a clause in an offer of purchase and sale. Some lawyers…

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How to Use a Parcel Register to Better Understand Listings

If you work in the real-estate industry you probably recognize the words “title search”. Usually when you hear the words title search in Ontario, what the individual is referring to is a parcel register. A parcel register is a very important part of a title search that reveals very important…

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Leverage Aerial Imagery to Show Your Clients Everything!

The Canadian real-estate market continues to thrive, despite the challenges that folks south of the border have faced post-recession. If you work in real-estate, then you know just how much competition there is, and you know that today’s client is more educated than ever before. Clients require more information, and…

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Real-Estate Demographics Focus: Neighbourhoods in Toronto

There are so many wonderful neighbourhoods in Toronto to buy in. According to the City of Toronto, this city is vast with a population of over 2.4 million people. Ethnic diversity is something that Torontonians take pride in, and according to the 2006 census, Toronto is home to approximately 16…

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Finally – A Research Tool for Ontario Appraisers

In a Nutshell This new multi-property search software for Ontario Appraisers combines the best data and features from the GeoWarehouse and Propertyline Multi-Property Search applications. The best of both worlds. Designed based on feedback from property valuation experts, The GeoWarehouse Multi-Property Search features new modules to improve data access, streamline…

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