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Parcel Register*: A Snapshot of Invaluable Property Information

By September 18, 2017No Comments

Without a doubt, a Parcel Register* is many things, but it’s not a title search. It’s part of a title search and is one of the most informative and accurate information snapshots of registrations that exist against a property.

A Parcel Register* is a record containing the property’s description and list of instruments registered against a property within the Land Registration System of Ontario as of the date of the property search. That’s a real-time, up-to date-report. The Parcel Register* includes:

  • A property’s PIN (Property Identification Number)
  • A legal description of the property
  • Who the legal homeowners are, the type of ownership and percentage
  • Easements
  • A history of property transfers, transferees/transferors, dates and amounts
  • A history of registered mortgages
  • A history of registered liens
  • And so much more.

Did you know that the Parcel Register* is the fastest, most accurate way to find out if there is enough equity to pay you? That’s an important factor in every real estate transaction, don’t you think?

Are there other people on title to a property not disclosed to you? Are there challenges with equity or surprise information you and your client may not have known? Obtaining a Parcel Register* can help answer these questions.

Also, if you want to know if there are any registered mortgages against a property, a Parcel Register* can tell you the lender, registration date, amount and value. Want to know if there are any registered liens? With a Parcel Register*, you can find out and get information on the registration date, amounts and the individual or company who registered it.

This is powerful information for a real estate sales professional when trying to get the maximum amount of research available to help make informed real estate transactions. You can use it at any stage in the process – from listing to buying – but when your intuition suggests some more investigation, a Parcel Register* can help you make an informed deal.

When you simply want to confirm something, a full property title search isn’t required. With a Parcel Register*, you can get the right information required without doing a full property title search.

To learn more about how a Parcel Register* can benefit you, or want to find out how to order one, visit today.

* An official product of the Ontario government pursuant to provincial land registration statutes.