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Using Property Data for Debt Recovery and Enforcement

By July 29, 2019No Comments

Property data has many uses – including for debt collection and enforcement.

Whether you are looking to locate or collect, estimate equity, or just capture a client’s property data our GeoWarehouse platform can help you achieve your goal.

Can’t find a debtor? You can use property data to locate them. For instance, with a property search tool debt collectors can:

  • Locate properties.
  • Look at the sales history of the property.
  • Review registered mortgages and liens.
  • Estimate value.
  • And more.

Within minutes, you can retrieve all of the necessary data to progress on your file.

If your debtor has a less common name and you have an idea of what city (or cities) they live in, targeted name searches could turn up assets and locations you weren’t even aware existed. The same is true for performing name searches of spouses.

You can learn:

  • If there is property in their name at a particular Land Registry Office.
  • If other people are on title to the property.
  • When the property was acquired and its sales and ownership history.
  • If there are mortgages or liens registered on title.
  • Who the mortgage holders are – smaller lenders may be willing to share this information with you.

For debtors that you are tracking, or are considering taking collection action on, property data can also help you assess the risks.

You can identify:

  • The property’s equity position – assess how likely they are to become insolvent.
  • If you will end up in line behind other judgement/lien holders should you never recover your asset and have to pursue the debt as an unsecured recovery.

Together, we can help give you a comprehensive overview of the debtor’s land holding position and aid in your enforcement efforts.

GeoWarehouse has property data tools for debt collectors. Access property details reports, view encumbrances, and more at your fingertips.

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