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Real Estate Apps That Let You Access GeoWarehouse Features On-The-Go

By July 21, 2014No Comments

vimo logoThe role of a real estate sales professional is very demanding, as is the need to evolve and try new things to make services better. Real estate sales professionals are on the go all the time. In the office you may rely on different applications such as GeoWarehouse and the MLS to research properties and neighbourhoods when representing a client.

Then, when the time comes to negotiate an offer, this means an onslaught of paperwork and meetings.

The boom in use of mobile apps has led companies like Teranet to introduce solutions like ViMO (your Virtual Mobile Office). ViMO is an app that offers many of the resources available in GeoWarehouse, including the ability to research properties and neighbourhoods, on-the-go.

GeoWarehouse and ViMO are different. GeoWarehouse is a research tool, and while it offers access to property details, sales history, comparable sales and neighbourhood demographics information, it also offers enhanced search capabilities like condo status certificates, surveys, Parcel Registers, Instrument Images like mortgages, liens, transfers, MPAC assessment reports and more, all through the GeoWarehouse Store.

ViMO is unique because it offers the ability to access some of the above information as well as being a sales and marketing support tool. Using ViMO on your iPad, you can connect with clients, colleagues, suppliers and more. You can leverage calendars to keep in touch and organize appointments. You can access property and neighbourhood information in an instant when showing properties to your client. You can sign electronic documents, including offers, electronically, which expedites the offer process and results in a faster, more efficient experience for your client.

GeoWarehouse and ViMO complement each other as one of the most competitive tool sets for real estate sales professionals on the market. For more information about ViMO visit For more information about GeoWarehouse visit