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Real Estate Training: Three Video Guides for Mastering the New GeoWarehouse

By August 28, 2017No Comments

As a professional, you take real estate training and refresher courses all the time to ensure you are ahead of the curve when it comes to knowing your business. Plus, clients today have more access to real estate information online when it comes to researching properties and neighbourhoods in Ontario, so you need every advantage you can get.

Where can you get the advantage you need in one convenient subscription? With GeoWarehouse of course!

GeoWarehouse helps professionals stay ahead in the real estate business, so they can share their expertise with their clients. GeoWarehouse helps you:

  1. Find the information – it’s easy and convenient to access and search property data.
  2. Understand the information – interpret the information in order to guide your clients in making the best decision.
  3. Integrate the information – embed the information from GeoWarehouse in your daily work so you can run your business efficiently.
  4. Communicate the information – make it easy for your clients to understand.

GeoWarehouse is a powerful tool, but mastering the information available is not unlike mastering the art of real estate. It takes practice and training. Thankfully, GeoWarehouse offers an extensive array of resources and training videos to help you learn the ropes.

Learning how to maximize the potential benefits of the reports and information GeoWarehouse can produce is just as important as learning the latest regulations in property laws.

Short on time? Here are three essential GeoWarehouse training videos to watch:

  1. Getting Started with GeoWarehouse: Become the Property Expert

New to GeoWarehouse or looking for a refresher on the basics, start at the beginning to build a solid foundation in your mastery of GeoWarehouse. This snappy yet informative intro video shows you how to set up your profile and customize GeoWarehouse reports, as well as how to access the Message Centre, e-Learning and a host of other helpful information.

Watch it here:

  1. Search for Comparable Sales

Knowing comparable sales is important, and the Comparable Sales Report enables you to quickly and easily search for comparable sales in any given area. Whether you have a specific property in mind, or are interested in sales in an unfamiliar area, this search report can help determine value when selling and help evaluate offers.

Watch it here:

  1. Google® Maps Streetview

Get to know the neighbourhood without leaving the comfort of your office. Pan and zoom, enter full screen view, virtually walk the streets of the neighbourhood. With Google® Maps Streetview integrated into GeoWarehouse, it’s never been easier to research neighbourhood trends and market values to better help new or existing customers find a home.

Watch it here:

There are also training videos on property reports, enhanced sales reports and more readily available for GeoWarehouse subscribers.

If you would like more information about subscribing to GeoWarehouse please visit