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Team Member Spotlight

Team Member Spotlight Series – Julie Nguyen, Product Manager, Real Estate

By March 29, 2022June 27th, 2024No Comments
Team Member Spotlight Series

Behind the scenes, our team of dedicated experts is working hard to support the GeoWarehouse solution to help bring you the most robust and authoritative property research, data and analytics tool in Ontario. In this series, we will be featuring a new team member each month to shine the light on who they are and how they support you in your business through Teranet GeoWarehouse’s platform.  

This month, we spoke with our Project Manager, Julie Nguyen, to discuss her experience at Teranet, what she does to support the GeoWarehouse functionality and how she thinks it will continue to evolve.   

Q: Tell us a bit about your career path and how you came to hold your current position.

A: I started off my career in business process management for financial organizations and was fortunate enough to take on opportunities to work in the US, UK and in Canada. As a process manager, I worked closely with technical developers to build new products and services to help streamline processes. Naturally, my experiences working with tech teams and new product developments allowed me to easily transition into product management roles.  

I joined Teranet at the beginning of 2021 as a Product Manager for the Geowarehouse product. I constantly lean into my process management skills to improve our existing products/services. I also recently launched our newest product, the Residential Relocation Reports at the end of 2021. This report helps our clients identify relocation trends amongst buyers within Ontario. As my time at Teranet progresses, I look forward to creating new products and services to help our clients be the local expert in their roles. 

Q: How does your role tie into the modernization and innovation of solutions offered by Teranet?

A: As a product manager, we work closely with cross-functional teams to better understand the needs of the market. We also lean in on our Teranet Insighters Community to gather consumer feedback on ways we can enhance the user experience. Using these resources, our product team continues to find new ways to develop features and enhancements that keep GeoWarehouse a critical tool for our customers.

Q: What do you think is the most notable innovation in your division in recent years?

A: Our team recently launched the Residential Relocation Reports within GeoWarehouse. This report highlights buyer migration patterns within Ontario. Using the official land registry data, we can identify where buyers and sellers are moving to and from, the types of properties purchased, percentage of first-time home buyers as well as real estate sales data. We tap into our data sources to draw valuable insights for our users and continue to look at ways we can leverage this data. 

Q: What can customers expect in the future?

A: Our teams are constantly looking at ways that we can deliver value to our customers. In terms of new product developments, we ensure to always engage with our users through the Teranet Insighters Community to gather feedback.  In the future, our users can expect to have a much more customized product catered directly to their needs.  

Feel free to connect with Julie on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.