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The Real Estate Sales Professional Brand – Does What You Know Really Matter?

By February 25, 2015No Comments

real estate sales professionalFrom time to time we hear about real estate sales professionals who feel that technology is impacting personal relationships in real estate and that personal relationships are what makes real estate sales professionals thrive. While online technology, social media and mobile apps have changed the way that we market, communicate and work, these things are also changing the landscape in terms of a real estate sales professional’s ability to expand their business, targeting more areas.

In the past, and even now, some real estate sales professionals would focus on a small specific area and become an expert in that area. That is because, before, to become an expert in an area, you would need to know the community to be able to knowledgeably discuss its demographics and also the types of properties in the neighbourhood.

The question is, does a real estate sales professional still need to have boots on the ground to know enough about a particular area to discuss it with a client? We would like to challenge this thinking.

What does a client want to know about a neighbourhood? Who lives there, age of families, religions, ethnicity, types of homeowners (renters vs owners), where schools are, transportation, churches, community centres, etc…  They will also want to see things like locations of rail roads, factories, golf courses, ravines and other things that could improve or reduce the value of the property.

What does the client want to know about the property? What is the sales history, is it worth the list value, what chances does it have to increase in value?

All of this information can be discovered through the use of different applications that can, at the click of a mouse, answer all of the above questions and more. So how does this change the real estate landscape? While you may want to be integrated into a particular neighbourhood because of the value in establishing recognition and marketing yourself – you don’t necessarily have to be to be an expert in that particular community.

Well now you can cast a wider net (how wide is up to you) and deal with larger regions, which in the end will mean more business!!! This is a big world and if you want to be more competitive being able to offer more matters.

It seems as though, with the numerous changes on the real estate landscape, it isn’t so much about what you know anymore as much as it is about what you CAN know, and how quickly.

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