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Canadian Real Estate Marketing 101: Leverage Technology to Convince Prospects

By November 2, 2020August 14th, 2023No Comments
Image of a woman using real estate technology

Image of a woman using real estate technologyIn an uncertain market, some sellers may be apprehensive to list their properties simply because they are not sure what the value of their property is and if this is the right time to sell.

Similarly, prospective buyers are faced with multiple questions too:

  • Is the inventory available in the market right now good enough?
  • Should they wait it out or act now because the interest rates are incredibly low.
  • Should they stay in their community or venture into a new neighbourhood?

Solid real estate marketing means connecting with these prospects and building successful, long-term relationships.

The focus needs to be on understanding their requirements, addressing their concerns, and providing value to them – whether they are buying or selling.

Delivering Value to Sellers

A seller is naturally going to be interested in knowing what price they can get for their home.

You are not only in the position to give them this information but can also use this opportunity to generate valuable leads.

How, you ask?

By leveraging Home Value Range. It is a tool that relies on the Teranet Automated Valuation Model (AVM) to produce current market estimates for residential properties across Canada. The tool can be integrated into your website and/or other digital marketing platforms.

So, when prospective home sellers visit your website, they are able to see if their home value has gone up since purchase. This quick home value estimation can convince them to consider selling their property and reaching out to you.

In addition to having sellers contact you, the tool also has the potential to take lead generation a step further.

Through the Home Value Range, you can capture email addresses of prospects and nurture these valuable leads.

So, say adieu to not knowing who visited your website and say bonjour to bringing prospects to your door!

Helping Buyers Choose

According to the 2020 RE/MAX Liveability Report, 91% of Canadians have at least one important liveability factor that they consider essential when it comes to selecting the neighbourhood, they would like to live in.

These factors include walkability, proximity to work, closeness to transit, and access to green spaces.

It is understandable that while you know some neighbourhoods really well, you may not be able to share details about others off the top of your head.

This is where the HoodQ Report comes in!

You can instantly create customized, hyper-local, address-specific reports for more than 4 million addresses.

This digital report gives homebuyers all the information they need in a concise, easy-to-read format. It is also professionally branded and includes your phone and contact information. This enables you to make effective use of your marketing dollars and deliver value while marketing your services.

You can also provide other reports to further help your buyers choose, once they’ve zeroed in on a neighbourhood.

For instance, the GeoWarehouse Property Details Report is a great client-facing document and marketing tool – it is also completely customizable. It can help provide the buyer, all the key information about the property of interest, in one document. This includes:

  • Land Registry information.
  • MPAC assessment data.
  • Property ownership information.
  • Sales history.
  • Aerial and exterior property images.
  • And more.

Whether you specialize in selling listings, buying listings, or a mix of both – GeoWarehouse tools can help you optimize your marketing budget and generate leads seamlessly.

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