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Winter Real Estate Sales Market – How Different Would the Post-COVID-19 Winter Be?

By November 9, 2020August 14th, 2023No Comments
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It won’t be long before snow covers everything in sight.

We all know that the winter in Canada isn’t the easiest season to navigate. The extreme cold coupled with a global pandemic makes this winter more challenging than the ones we’ve had in the past.

Though, there are ways to break the ice with potential buyers and effectively showcase your winter listings to get more mileage even in the coldest of months.

Leverage Aerial Imagery

During winter it is hard to show incredible features of some properties (such as cottages). This is why aerial imagery is probably one of the most important tools that needs to be in your toolbox!

Aerial imagery can help your buyer see different elements of the property and the neighbourhood that are not clearly identifiable because of the snow.

When they see how the property looks from the sky, they can also get an idea of the overall structure and see how the backyard looks like when it is not blanketed by snow. Similarly, they can get an idea of the property’s proximity to parklands, schools, community centres, grocery stores, and other important community elements.

As COVID-19 has resulted in relaxation in work-from-home policies, many young families may be looking to explore suburban areas. Though, commute to work may still be a consideration. In this situation, aerial imagery can help them ascertain how close a property is to railway systems, highways, and transit points.

Provide Neighbourhood Analytics

A recent survey by NAR showed that 78% of the respondents valued neighbourhood quality more than the size of the home.

Though, in winter it is harder for potential buyers to drive around a neighbourhood to get a feel of it. Not to mention, physical distancing measures add another layer of complexity to this process.

This is where HoodQ reports come in.

HoodQ is the largest provider of curated, user-friendly, address and neighbourhood reports in Canada. These reports are available on the GeoWarehouse store.

With these street-specific address reports, you can show off the incredible features of different neighbourhoods. You can also provide segmented data. For instance, when it comes to schools – buyers can see which Public, Catholic, and Private schools are in the area and get additional information pertaining to school attendance zones where available.

The biggest advantage of these reports is that they can easily be embedded into your website, used in your marketing, and sent to prospects digitally!

Go Digital

Many Canadians are now more open to online viewings and digital walk-throughs.

In fact, a recent survey commissioned by the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) highlights that 47% of younger Canadians are even open to virtually buying a home!

So, if you’re worried about dealing with bad weather or COVID-19 restrictions, take advantage of the digital tools available in the market today. Some of the things you can do include:

a)  Hosting a digital open house.

Video call technology is an easy way to host online open houses and showings. You can choose to host one-on-one showings or even have a small group showing session.

b)  Using your social media channels to show the subject property.

Many real estate professionals have gotten creative during the pandemic and started using different capabilities of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok to showcase properties.

Instagram, for instance, is an excellent platform for this. You post the timing and details of the digital open house beforehand and then go live from the property. This enables you to answer questions in real-time and even pin the story to your profile until the property is sold for individuals who missed your live session.

c)  Provide additional information digitally.

While you can host digital sessions to show the interior of a property, it may still be challenging to showcase the exterior or highlight other great things about the subject property – like highly-rated schools in the neighbourhood or a grocery store within walking distance.

This is why it is essential to complement your virtual showings with digital reports and images. With a GeoWarehouse subscription, you can access:

  • Property surveys.
  • Street-view images.
  • Comparable sales in the area.
  • Neighbourhood reports that show parks, transit options, schools, and more.
  • Demographics reports including age distribution, average household income, and more.

These are some of the ways in which technology can help you make the most of this first Post-COVID-19 winter.

At GeoWarehouse, we are committed to providing you the tools and reports you need to host online real estate showings, verify property information remotely, and communicate with your prospective audience. For more information, call us on 1-866-237-5937 or visit

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