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Frequently Asked Questions About the NEW GeoWarehouse Release Schedule

By February 6, 2017No Comments

Throughout 2016 you have received an abundance of communication from us concerning the New GeoWarehouse, beginning with our Collaboration initiative, moving forward to the Early Release (that was announced last month) as well as the planned full release of the product. Naturally this has triggered some frequently asked questions to which we dedicate this blog.

What is the “Early Release” version of the NEW GeoWarehouse?

The “Early Release” version of the NEW GeoWarehouse is a more complete version of our online solution, but is still “in-development”.

It is your sneak preview to access and start using the NEW GeoWarehouse today!!

Teranet has spent the last two years rebuilding and refining GeoWarehouse using your feedback.  With your help, we have been able to identify and develop a solution that will support your current workflow in a faster, easier and more efficient way.

What is the difference between GeoWarehouse Collaboration, the “Early Release” version of the NEW GeoWarehouse and the NEW GeoWarehouse?

The GeoWarehouse Collaboration was the NEW GeoWarehouse in the building & development phase, and features were released periodically. A select group of real estate sales professionals were granted access to this environment and provided constant feedback, participating in focus groups, and filled out surveys to make sure the solution would support the ideal workflow for property and land information search.

The “Early Release” version of the NEW GeoWarehouse is a more completed version of our online solution but is still “in-development”.  This version is available to all real estate board users.

How do I access the “Early Release” version of the NEW GeoWarehouse when logged into GeoWarehouse?

Once you have logged into your GeoWarehouse Classic solution (current solution), select “Go to NEW GeoWarehouse” in the top right corner of the screen.

How can I revert back to GeoWarehouse Classic?

If you are in the NEW GeoWarehouse, going back to GeoWarehouse is pretty easy – just select “GeoWarehouse Classic” in the top right corner of the screen.

What are the NEW features of the NEW GeoWarehouse?

The NEW GeoWarehouse brings NEW and enhanced features, such as:

  • Enhanced Mapping and Search capabilities. Province-wide search capabilities for Address, PIN and ARN in a single Omni bar. Auto-suggestions by Address, Municipality and Owner. FULL screen Map & Street View. Single-click anywhere to search on the map. Simplified map bubble with option to choose the Property Report or Street View. Ability to center map at current location. Enhanced Condo Unit search options.
  • Property Report. Includes a property overview section. Quick navigation links. Single-click Legal Description copy-to-clipboard feature. Ability to expand Street View image inside the report. A new site and structure section that displays the assessment & ownership boundaries and labels the PIN & ARN. Assessed value chart displaying phased-in assessed value, assessed value and any sale in the last 5 years for comparison.
  • Improved Comparable Sales parameters. Comparable sales search from any location on the map. New radius circle features: re-size on the map, drag center to a new location and delete/re-draw the circle. Search by custom polygon with an adjustment option. Real-time statistics.

Which features are not included in the “Early Release” version of the NEW GeoWarehouse? 

Some of the planned features of The NEW GeoWarehouse that are not included in the Early Release are The NEW GeoWarehouse e-Store and some sections of MY GeoWarehouse.

Can I complete the tasks related to my job in the “Early Release” version of the NEW GeoWarehouse?

Yes, you will be able to complete most tasks in the “Early Release” version of the NEW GeoWarehouse.

If I need to purchase at the GeoWarehouse e-Store, how do I access it?

To access the GeoWarehouse e-Store, please return to GeoWarehouse Classic and access the e-store as you would regularly do. At the e-Store you are able to purchase Parcel Registers, Instrument images or deposited plans from the Province of Ontario’s Electronic Land Registration System (ELRS), private surveys, MPAC Assessment Reports, condo status certificates and more.

I need to update my GeoWarehouse profiles and preferences. How can I complete this task?

To update your profile and set preferences, please return to GeoWarehouse Classic and select MY GeoWarehouse from the top right side of the page.

How will I be informed of feature changes in the solution?

New feature releases, feature enhancements and other messages will be communicated through several mechanisms: the solution, emails, newsletters, and announcements. You will also have a full library of messages and releases in the GeoWarehouse Support Page.

When will the NEW GeoWarehouse be completed?

The NEW GeoWarehouse will be completed before the end of 2016 and you will be among the first to know!

If you have reviewed this blog and still have questions you have many options from here: