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Home Valuation to Sell: Real Estate Comparables and You

By April 4, 2016No Comments

geo2One very interesting aspect of your job is the process of working with homeowners to know what their home is worth. We are not just talking in scenarios of listings either. Many real estate sales professionals have realized that knowing one’s home value is valuable to consumers and a sales tool. Real estate sales professionals are using home value to go out and talk to clients about selling their home.

Technology has made this so easy because you don’t have to sift through, selecting your own comparables anymore. Your applications can do that for you. When we say applications we mean your apps – like the MLS, GeoWarehouse and ViMO.

Sales comparables present so much value over and above assessing list values. They are an amazing sales opportunities. They can be used to create dialogue that leads to discussions and discussions lead to relationships.

Sometimes, customers think their home is worth more than what it is realistically, which is why home valuation presents value to them. This often starts with a neighbour saying – yeah I just listed my home (at a value way higher than market), then the client thinks ‘wow, my home must be worth that too’. On the reverse, you can provide value to a client who thinks their home is worth less than it is by showing them what counts, property sales in the area. Not just 1 or 2 sales comparables either – using your apps you can look at all comparable sales in the area if you want and generate averages.

How about the consumer who has no idea what their home is worth? The one that you stun when their home comes in at a way higher value than they thought it ever would. These can present huge opportunity because money talks and learning that selling means you could cash in big time creates motivation to sell.

These are all conversations and your sales comparables and home valuation tools are what make you able to have these conversations.

The consumer of today wants value. They are willing to exchange their personal information and consent to market to them for value. Value isn’t a gift card or contest – value is giving them something they really want. You have what they really want, you just have to show them that you do. Approach using home valuation in your marketing with a plan so that you know what you get each time you help someone understand their home value – for example, do you want to get their email, their phone number? Have a plan and follow it through – you have the value you just need to use it.

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