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Leverage Aerial Imagery to Show Your Clients Everything!

By March 18, 2013No Comments

The Canadian real-estate market continues to thrive, despite the challenges that folks south of the border have faced post-recession. If you work in real-estate, then you know just how much competition there is, and you know that today’s client is more educated than ever before. Clients require more information, and have higher expectations than ever when it comes to making the decision to make an offer on a home. Listing agents and agents who represent buyers benefit from being able to provide their clients with the most information possible.

When we speak of information, this includes imagery of the home that you would not normally see on a typical real-estate listing.

Imagine if you had the ability to fly your client in a helicopter over a particular neighbourhood, providing aerial imagery and views of not only the home that they are thinking about purchasing, but of the entire neighbourhood the property is located in? Well you can provide them with this aerial imagery – and your office becomes the cockpit!

Why is aerial imagery so important? Because it will allow you to quickly highlight valuable information that will help your clients make the decision to buy, and provide sellers with the ability to highlight positive attributes about their community.

Aerial imagery will identify building structures and help you uncover information such as whether or not a community is highly industrial or if a property backs onto a factory – something that a young family for example may not find appealing.

This technology can also uncover the proximity of a property to railway systems, highways and transit, which may be a positive attribute for a prospective buyer who commutes to work. Perhaps your client is retired and would prefer to live in a community that is somewhat distant from traffic.

Aerial imagery can also show proximity to parklands, schools, shopping centres and other important attributes of a community that a seller may want to highlight to a buyer.

Whether it is January or June, aerial imagery can also help you to sell no matter what season it is and no matter what the weather is like. During the winter, aerial imagery can show you what a property and neighbourhood looks like when it is not covered with snow, or in the fall, aerial imagery can enable you to view a neighbourhood that is covered with leaves. This is a huge asset for real-estate agents to be able to show what a home’s backyard looks like where you otherwise may not be able to see it.

Aerial imagery is an essential tool in any real-estate professional’s toolkit!

For more information about how you can leverage aerial imagery to show your clients even more property information please visit or call 866-237-5937.