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Neighbourhood Demographics and What Your Clients Want Know….

By July 25, 2016No Comments

geo 11Sometimes it can be a challenge to understand a client’s entire list of needs as it relates to an area they want to live in. This can sometimes simply be chalked up to political correctness and while things like ethnicity in an area or the languages spoken may really matter to the client, they may beat around the bush on the topic.

You want to help your buyer make a deal so it is important to give your client all the information they need to make an informed decision about a neighbourhood.

While what is in a particular community (transportation, schools, amenities) matter to people, what matters even more in many cases is who lives in a community. Family make-up, cultural cohesion, even similar backgrounds may be important.

Your buyer likely wants to know things like:

  • Percentage of homeowners vs renters – some may want to live in an area that is more populated by homeowners while others may want to rent out all or some of their property so this data really matters.
  • Income ranges in the area
  • Education level of families – people want to live amongst people like themselves so education level of families is important to many buyers.
  • Types of families – mature, young families, seniors etc…
  • Age ranges of people in the community
  • Race, religion and languages spoken in the community and more… This is a big one and while some may not come out and ask you this information – it should be presented for consideration.

Preparing a neighbourhood demographics report for your client is a great way to share the demographic information with them in a way that they can review it with their family at home. Give them everything. The more you give, the more value you provide in your service because you are helping them to make the most informed buying decision as it relates to the property they are interested in.

GeoWarehouse has the tools to give you clients more, including access to neighbourhood demographics.

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