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Accessing Condo Data Online in 1-2-3

By May 21, 2019No Comments
Condo Searches

How do you perform your condo searches?

Just like any other property, condo searches are helpful for finding the latest opportunities and offerings for your clients.

But it can sometimes be difficult to search for a condo in the same way you would for another property. Even if you know where a building is located, you might not be able to see as easily if there are any available units, or what is included with the unit.

That’s where GeoWarehouse comes in.

With GeoWarehouse, you can perform online condo searches quickly and easily.

You can search by street address, with a suite number or without a suite number, view a list of all condo units in the building, select by level to find condo units on any level, and more. You can also see if the condo includes a locker or parking.

Find detailed information such as overview, property details, condo details, site and structure information for the development, valuation and sales data for the unit, and plans and surveys for the site.

The report features a condo details section, which is unique to condo properties. This includes the condominium legal corporation legal and common name, the condominium declaration registration date, suite number, and related PINs where available.

Want to learn more about how to search for a condo using GeoWarehouse? Watch our training video: 

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