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Three Things You May Need on Closing That You Might Not Know Are Available Online

By October 15, 2019No Comments

It is easy for anyone to stick to tried, tested, and true workflows — however, sometimes that is simply because we are unaware of all that is available to us.

Have you ever been doing things one way for a long time and then you learn a new method or new tool and your routine is forever changed?

Technology can have a lot do with this type of transformation. For instance, think back to life before smartphones, the Internet, or even computers. Real estate was a lot different then! But as technology has grown, so have the opportunities for real estate professionals.

With that in mind, here are three property tools that just might shake up your routine in the best way possible.

  1. Condo Status Certificates

We still come across real estate sales professionals who request their clients’ condo status certificates the old-fashioned way — by making the request, waiting up to 10 days for the certificate, and possibly paying the condominium corporation $100. But this isn’t the best method anymore!

Condo status certificates are often available online. When in GeoWarehouse, you can see right on the property search result if a condo certificate is available in the store. Not only can this avoid the potential $100 fee, but you can also get the status certificate much faster.

  1. Property Surveys

Another common scenario that happens a lot in real estate has to do with property surveys. If a client doesn’t have one, many real estate professionals either request a copy at their local municipal office or pay to have a full-blown survey done. Again, there’s a better method.

Many property surveys are also available online. Your client doesn’t necessarily have to pay to have a full survey done, or even make a trip to the municipal office, if one is available in GeoWarehouse.

  1. Parcel Registers*

The compass of all documents, the veritable information verifier – the Parcel Register.* This tells you:

  • The property owner(s).
  • The type of ownership and percentages.
  • Registrations – transfers, mortgages, discharges, easements, liens, and more. This information includes the registration date, registration number, parties, and amount, if any.

A Parcel Register* provides huge value when additional due diligence is needed. In the past, this research would have taken hours of your time, trekking to the Land Registry Office, combing through records, and compiling information. But now it’s easier than ever!

Parcel Registers* are available in the GeoWarehouse Store instantly and with up-to-date information.

These three tools can help you rethink your real estate routine and find more efficient ways of operating. And they are all available online so you can access them when you need it and from the comfort of your own office.

All three items – condo status certificates, property surveys, and Parcel Registers*— are found in the GeoWarehouse Store. Access it here:

Not a GeoWarehouse subscriber? Become one today and gain instant access to these property tools and more! Call 1-866-237-5937 or visit

* An official product of the Ontario government pursuant to provincial land registration statutes.