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Property Search: 8 Questions You May be Asked by Your Clients

By July 24, 2017No Comments

A property search is an important source of information to help conduct successful real estate transactions. It is a real estate sales professional’s job to research to the best of their ability to help their clients make the best decision possible.

Buying or selling property is a major life event for most homeowners. They are counting on you to make it happen quickly, efficiently and, most importantly, to their advantage. To be proactive, it’s vital to be properly informed about a property in the early stages of the transaction process. Time is money, so it’s important to look at ways to quickly get your customers answers to the things that are likely on their mind. Are you a mind reader? No, but there are common questions that can be answered before the client even gets a chance to ask…

Here are eight questions clients may or may not ask their real estate sales professional that can be answered with a property search:

  1. What is the home actually worth?
  2. Have there been recent comparable home sales in the immediate area?
  3. What is the neighbourhood profile? Having access to good demographic data enables you to answer your client’s questions about a given area or community.
  4. Are there any encumbrances on the property? Encumbrances may include liens, deed restrictions, easements, encroachments and licenses.
  5. Are there any surveys of the property? Surveys show property boundaries and the location of all buildings and structures in relation to boundaries.
  6. What permits are required for building or renovating? Buyers may choose a property based on whether they can alter the building or build something new.
  7. Are there any liens or other obstructions to a seamless transaction?
  8. What are the zoning, planning or other approvals for the property? This is especially important for buyers acquiring property for new development.

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