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Speed Matters: How to Serve Your Client Faster

By June 17, 2019No Comments

When you are working on a new real estate deal, time is of the essence.

Faster service allows you to:

  • Connect with your clients sooner than the competition.
  • Provide excellent turnaround time – and customer service – to your clients so they either come back to you for repeat business or give you a referral.
  • Know more upfront – leading to less red tape in the long-term.
  • Close more deals in less time.

Speed matters when serving your real estate clients — it is both in their best interest and your own.

However, the downside of speed is that sometimes you can sacrifice quality for quantity. So, how can you balance getting accurate, complete property information that much quicker?

Answer: the right real estate tools.

When you use a property research tool, like GeoWarehouse, you can access in-depth data in seconds from the comfort of your own office. This allows you to work faster without sacrificing quality.

For instance, with a GeoWarehouse subscription you could:

  • Instantly look up property ownership information, sales history data, images of the property, and more with a Property Details Report. This can be useful when determining a property’s market value and is completely customizable.
  • Search for comparable sales in the area by radius, sales time-frame, and price range.
  • Answer all of your client’s questions about an area, community, and demographics with a Demographics Report. This includes age distribution, marital status of residents, structural types of housing, owned/rented properties, average household income, and much more.
  • Access existing surveys and plans.
  • And more!

The data used in the GeoWarehouse reports and tools comes from the Province of Ontario Land Registration Information System (POLARIS) and is complete, accurate, and up-to-date — meaning it is data you can trust.

With a tool like GeoWarehouse on your side, you’ll be able to answer client questions much faster and verify your own property information sooner, too. This will allow you to save time, give excellent customer service, and, ultimately, close more deals.

Access your own GeoWarehouse reports today in the GeoWarehouse eStore.

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