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The Importance of Knowing Demographic Information About a Particular Neighbourhood

By August 26, 2013No Comments

Demographic InformationOne thing that Canada is known for around the world is its multiculturalism and diverse demographics. It is what attracts people to this country, and it is also what makes this country unique. The things that someone new to Canada may look for, in terms of choosing a country to live in, are similar to the ones that a homebuyer may look for, when choosing a community to lay down roots.

As a real estate sales professional, you know that where your client chooses to live is based on a number of different factors. Features such as location, proximity to parks, schools, public transit, etc. may influence the decision to settle in a given area, but what about elements that, perhaps, cannot be determined with a drive through the neighbourhood? Do you want to have to drive through a neighbourhood to be able to learn demographic information? Is what the eye can see even accurate? Demographic information, especially when it relates to your client’s neighbourhood of interest, is very important, and your ability to provide it improves your customer’s experience when working with you.

Is a subdivision the right fit for your client? Is the area abundant with young children or a mature community with less young families? Are a vast majority of properties in the area rentals? What is the average income in a community? Many people want to live in a community with others who are like them, and these are things that you, as their real estate sales professional, should be taking into consideration when researching potential properties.

The Neighbourhood Demographics Report, available on GeoWarehouse, can help you to determine neighbourhood demographics, and is the best way to collect this information. The information included in a Neighbourhood Demographics Report can help you answer your clients’ questions regarding age distribution, marital status of residents in a given community, and average household income. The structural types of housing, as well as the percentage of rented homes versus owned, are also key elements of this report.

Demographic information is not always evident when driving through an area; being able to provide this information will make your client more informed and lead to more referral business as more and more clients are wowed by their experience working with you!

For more about the Neighbourhood Demographics Report please visit or call us today at 1-866-237-5937.