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Training: How to Get the Most Out of the GeoWarehouse Store

By November 17, 2014No Comments

GeoWarehouse Training VideoWe love training, not just because it helps you do more, but also because, in the case of the ever-evolving application that is GeoWarehouse, it is important to keep attuned to different things you can do in GeoWarehouse and how.

As a GeoWarehouse customer, you have the capabilities included in the main application, but you also have exclusive access to the GeoWarehouse Store. The GeoWarehouse Store is where you can perform premium searches to dig digger into deals and learn more information about your client, a property or even to obtain information via a 3rd party partner.

Here are the most common reports/searches that real estate sales professionals request/obtain when using the GeoWarehouse Store:

  • Condo Status Certificate – requesting this online makes obtaining it faster, easier and more affordable.
  • Parcel Register* – verify as of the date of search who is the homeowner is and check financial encumbrances.
  • Instrument Images – drill down deeper into charge, mortgage, lien, discharged and other instruments registered on the title search.
  • Surveys and Plans – if available, you can obtain these online.
  • MPAC Property Assessment Reports

If one of the above are available, sometimes you will see icons to request them right after you perform a property search – however many of the above have to be purchased directly through the GeoWarehouse Store.

This training video “Getting Started in the GeoWarehouse Store” will provide you with an overview of how to navigate the GeoWarehouse Store and what can be purchased there. If you watch the tutorial you can then reference other training videos that focus on the specific searches, documents, images and reports.

Training at your fingertips:

You can also register for:

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*An official product of the Ontario government pursuant to provincial land registration statutes.