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What is the difference between GeoWarehouse and ViMO?

By June 24, 2015No Comments

difference between geowarehouse and vimoThe marriage of GeoWarehouse to ViMO is proving to be one of the most powerful toolsets available to real estate sales professionals. To have ViMO, you must be a GeoWarehouse subscriber. This has led to some confusion, and a number of people are still not fully aware of the ViMO app nor the many benefits it offers. Some believe that ViMO is GeoWarehouse’s mobile app and that it serves the same purpose – it doesn’t!

This blog will help separate fact from fiction.

GeoWarehouse is a tool that real estate sales professionals primarily use to perform due diligence and investigate details about properties and neighbourhoods. Through GeoWarehouse you can even reveal encumbrances and liens on properties; electronically request surveys and condo certificates and much, much more. GeoWarehouse is the Ferrari of real estate research and due diligence!

While ViMO, on the other hand, is a tool that can be used to perform research about a property,  a neighbourhood or demographics, it is primarily a marketing tool. A real estate sales professional can use ViMO to post listings as well as market them; collaborate with other professionals and even use it to electronically sign documents.

ViMO is a tool that comes in very handy when working remotely and out of the office. Imagine increased ease transacting while on the road with clients or working open houses. ViMO makes the buying and selling process way more efficient and with far less paper. That said, full service client representation involves more than just the buying and selling of properties. This is where diligent real estate sales professionals turn to GeoWarehouse: to validate legal ownership of a property, check registered mortgages to ensure the existence of sufficient equity, or to review a property’s history to ensure that everything is copasetic.

As a real estate sales professional your sales related duties are important. Yet of even greater significance, is your role as the first line of defense against mortgage fraud and as the first professional – in a string of professionals – to deal with the administration of legal documents that facilitate a property transfer.

While you can use both GeoWarehouse and ViMO to perform some of the same basic functions, these two tools are optimized when you combine them.  Not only will you achieve more while on-the-go, you can also help make the entire buying and selling process more efficient.

If you are a GeoWarehouse customer interested in more information about ViMO you can view the full demo here

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