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What’s In a Real Estate Report from GeoWarehouse?

By July 13, 2020July 3rd, 2024No Comments

What’s in a real estate report from GeoWarehouse?

GeoWarehouse subscribers get access to many reports that make it effortless to obtain valuable property information.

But what exactly is said valuable property information?

The exact contents of a GeoWarehouse report depend on which report you are looking at. There are several you might consider — some that come with your subscription and some that are available exclusively in the GeoWarehouse e-Store.

Let’s break it down.

  1. Property Details Report

The Property Details Report can tell you many things about a property, including:

  • Land Registry information
  • MPAC assessment data
  • Property ownership information
  • Sales history
  • Aerial and exterior property images
  • And more

This report is completely customizable and can be a great client-facing document and marketing tool.

Available with your GeoWarehouse subscription.

  1. Comparable Sales Report

The Comparable Sales Report tells you about sales in the neighbourhood where the subject property is located.

Perform a property search by:

  • Radius
  • Sales timeframe
  • Price range

This can help determine property value or evaluate an offer on a home.

Available with your GeoWarehouse subscription.

  1. Demographics Report

Answer your client’s questions about a neighbourhood, including:

  • Age distribution
  • Marital status of residents
  • Structural types of housing
  • Owned/rented properties
  • Average household income
  • And more

You can also use aerial imagery to see a bird’s eye view of the subject property and surrounding properties, including distance to schools, parks, and other neighbourhood amenities.

Available with your GeoWarehouse subscription.

  1. Client Report

The Client Report shares all the same information as the Property Details, Comparable Sales, and Demographics Reports, plus more options, such as Market Statistics, including:

  • Population
  • Household
  • Socio-economic demographics
  • Cultural demographics
  • And more

Available with your GeoWarehouse subscription.

  1. POLARIS Parcel Registers* and Instrument Images*

A POLARIS Parcel Register* goes beyond the property details. It is the provincial ownership record and as such contains information about:

  • The Property Identification Number (PIN)
  • The legal description of the property
  • The type of ownership
  • Registration numbers for items on title
  • Details of items registered on title, including registered transfers, charges, liens, plans, easements, and more

If you find a registration of interest, you can gain further information with an Instrument Image*, which gives an image of a registered document within the Land Registration System of Ontario. This might include liens, mortgages, transfers, condominium declarations, and more.

Available within the GeoWarehouse e-Store.

* An official product of the Ontario government pursuant to provincial land registration statutes.

  1. HoodQ Report Integration

New to the GeoWarehouse e-Store, access in-depth neighbourhood reports from HoodQ, including:

  • Address Reports: an easy-to-digest view of a particular address, including designated public catchment schools.
  • Detailed Reports: an 8-to-10 page report that deep dives into the details of a particular address, including nearby schools, parks & rec, transit, safety, and convenience.
  • School Reports: a report that highlights designated public catchment schools, Catholic catchment schools, private schools, and special/alternative schools in one place.

Learn more:

Available in the GeoWarehouse e-Store.

  1. Other Reports

That’s not all. You can also access:

  • Condo Status Certificates
  • Property Survey Images
  • Plan Images
  • MPAC Assessment Reports
  • And more!

All available in the GeoWarehouse e-Store.

A real estate report from GeoWarehouse makes you the property expert — and your business and clients reap the rewards!

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