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Surveyor Group Enrollment Program

Join the Club! Get group savings on the tools you need to maximize your efficiency.

In a Nutshell

The maintenance and research of your survey plans is a snap with the new Surveyor Group Enrollment Program for private surveyors. It gives you integrated access to the province-wide GeoWarehouse® and Land Survey Records applications, and offers discounts on standard GeoWarehouse license fees.

Land Survey Records system lets you store and access all of your surveys online, 24 hours a day, from any computer. Search, view and retrieve all of your documents instantly from one convenient location. Make reprints in a flash and search thousands of surveys from other professionals across Ontario.

Get all your cadastral information at Search ownership information on properties and legal descriptions. The Plan List by PIN module provides spatial searching and representation of both registered/deposited and private plans stored in the LSR database. Search and purchase plans through the GeoWarehouse Store.

New Revenue!

In addition to the new features and cost savings, LSR and GeoWarehouse boosts your bottom line by giving you the means to resell your plans. lets everyone search records, including the general public. GeoWarehouse’s 50,000 subscribers have direct access to your plans, and GeoWarehouse will notify users researching ownership information that your plan exists and is available for sale.

Get the Facts

Limited time offer! For more information on subscribing to the Group Enrollment Program and on Program terms, write to
or call 1 866 237 5937.

New Features!

GeoWarehouse can now be launched with a single sign-on link from the Land Survey Records application. Exclusive to the GeoWarehouse and LSR Group Enrollment Program, GeoWarehouse has created a PIN selection utility to assist you in assigning PINs to your private plans. This new feature automatically centres the map on the survey plan area. You can create a PIN list by clicking parcels on the map, and export it back to the LSR database.