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Parcel Register

3 Reasons Why a Real Estate Sales Professional Should Request a Parcel Register on Every Deal

By July 2, 2013No Comments

Parcel Register

As a Real Estate Sales Professional you know that your job involves a lot more than just helping people buy and sell homes. You are also relied upon to perform due diligence (for both yourself and your clients), investigate properties and administer contracts between you and your client and then your client and whomever they enter into a real estate transaction with.

Online real estate tools like GeoWarehouse help you to accomplish these tasks . One very popular search that Real Estate Sales Professionals make in the GeoWarehouse Store is the Parcel Register. The reason this search is so popular is because it helps Real Estate Sales Professionals acquire current, accurate information about a homeowner, their property and their financial standing.

A Parcel Register is a part of a property title search that provides information about a property and its history. The Parcel Register contains: the property’s legal description, PIN (Property Identification Number), owner(s) name(s), type and percentage of ownership, easements and restrictions on the property, the property’s purchase history, when the property was last transferred, the transfer amount and from/to information, any mortgages registered against a property, when they were registered, the lender and the amount registered, any liens registered against the property, and more…

The top three reasons why Real Estate Sales Professionals should take advantage of a Parcel Register are:

To assess new clients. When a client comes to you to sell their property, your commission and the other agent’s commission will be paid out of the equity in the home. If a seller has no equity in their home because it is fully encumbered then paying real estate commission becomes a difficult proposition. In addition, you want to ensure that you are representing the actual legal homeowners and the Parcel Register will reveal who is on title. Alternately, when representing a buyer, if they can’t get approved for financing on a mortgage then your time spent showing them properties will have been in vain. If you represent them on the sale of their property, issues like property liens and multiple mortgages may be a signal of other underlying financial issues and presents an opportunity to ensure that they have a sufficient down payment and credit to qualify for a mortgage on their next property purchase.

Negotiate better offers. The Parcel Register will show you the registered mortgages on the property, when the seller purchased the property and what they paid. Knowing the seller’s equity position increases your negotiating power because you can assess if they have more financial room or motivation to accept less than the listed price. You can also identify properties where you may have less negotiating positioning and can set your client’s expectations accordingly.

Validate up-to-the-minute information. Because the information in the Parcel Register comes from the POLARIS database it is the most current and accurate information you can access.

The Parcel Register not only makes assessing new clients, negotiating better offers and validating information much easier, it also helps you avoid surprises upon closing. Reviewing a Parcel Register makes you aware of any title related issues that may be problematic.

For more information about GeoWarehouse or about how you can obtain a Parcel Register in the GeoWarehouse Store please visit or call 1-866-237-5937.