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Attn. Real Estate Sales professionals : 3 Real Estate Tools That You Need to Know About

By June 3, 2013No Comments

As a real estate sales professionals  you know that the more information you have on your listing, or properties that you are presenting to prospective buyers, the better. More knowledge enables you to close deals faster. It provides your clients with security knowing that they have made the right decision in choosing you. This is why the real estate tools that you use, such as GeoWarehouse, are so important.

There are 3 real estate products available through the GeoWarehouse Store that are great for researching or finding out more about a property.


1.      Aerial Imagery

o   Accessing aerial imagery of a property and surrounding property is an excellent tool when representing a buyer or seller. When representing a seller it can be used to highlight parks, amenities and other features around the property. This is especially helpful, in inclement weather (winter for example) where it can be used to highlight features about a property that are otherwise difficult to view.

o   When representing a buyer it can be used to identify positive and negative attributes about a potential property. Aerial imagery can reveal structures and their proximity to the subject property, such as railways, highways, parklands and a host of other valuable information. Presenting your clients with aerial imagery when considering a property provides them with more information; this helps them to make a more informed decision while enhancing your service.


2.      MPAC Assessment Data

MPAC assessment data enables you to access information about a particular property, such as the municipal property address, with ease. This is invaluable especially when you are working on a deal where there is missing information. This data can be accessed through GeoWarehouse in the GeoWarehouse Store.

o   The Level 1 Residential Detailed Report and Level 2 Residential Detailed Report both validate: property address, municipality, current value assessment, property type, site area and unit of measure, year built, zoning, last valid sale date, last valid sale amount, heating type, air conditioning, basement total area, basement finished area, garage type, garage spaces and more…

o   The AVM Basic Residential Report, AVM Enhanced Residential Report and AVM Comparable Report all provide an automated estimated value of a subject property.


3.      Plan Images

Plan images, such as reference plans, subdivision plans and condominium plans, can be obtained in GeoWarehouse through the GeoWarehouse Store. Plan images can be used to quickly view a graphical representation of a property’s boundaries and location.

Using these 3 real estate products you can quickly identify and access missing information, see more when researching or investigating a property, validate information provided to you by a client or by another agent and more… When you meet with your clients you will be armed with all of the information necessary to help them achieve their goal.

For more information about aerial imagery, MPAC Assessment Reports, plan images and/or GeoWarehouse please visit or call 1-866-237-5937.