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How to Identify a Property’s Municipal Address

By May 27, 2013No Comments

Identifying a property’s correct municipal address is one of the many things that you as a Realtor® have to do when representing a client in a real estate transaction. With FSBO and all of the ‘DIYers’ out there, sometimes a Realtor’s® role in a real estate transaction is underestimated. You know, the Realtor’s® role is multi-dimensional and requires a wide range of knowledge. Your clients look to you to help them find the perfect property, in a great neighbourhood, and then negotiate a great deal. In the meantime, behind the scenes you are performing property searches and research to make their home ownership dream a reality.

The offer, acceptance of it and deal-closing process can be a long and grueling legal one that you, as the client’s Realtor®, administer. When working on a real estate deal you will need to have the property’s correct address but different sources may report a different address. What happens when you’re working on a deal and the address from the Land Registry Office doesn’t match the municipal address? Which address is correct? The municipal address is always correct, which is why identifying and confirming the municipal address of a property is important.

In a business as fast-paced as real estate it is important to have access to tools and technology to quickly validate information that your clients provide to you. In almost all cases clients unintentionally omit or provide you with information that is incorrect – which can happen more often than not. When you are provided with information that is incorrect, this can create problems when the time comes to close. 

GeoWarehouse is a tool that real estate professionals like yourself use to validate client data. GeoWarehouse provides quick access to valuable data that answers most questions that a Realtor® may have about a property or neighbourhood. Case in point: the municipal address. By using GeoWarehouse you can access the GeoWarehouse Store where MPAC Assessment Reports are available for purchase. With an MPAC Assessment Report, in addition to other information, you can access the property’s municipal address with ease.

For more information about determining the correct address of a property or about GeoWarehouse please visit or call 1-866-237-5937.