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Condo Status Certificate

How to Order a Condo Status Certificate Online in Ontario

By April 14, 2014No Comments

Condo Status CertificateIn the past, Condo Status Certificates have typically been a pain to obtain. The old process (and still the process some real estate professionals are using) was to request the Status Certificate from the condo corporation in writing, enclosing a fee. The condo corporation would then deliver the Condo Status Certificate to the requestor within 10 days.

Fortunately, this process has become a whole lot simpler. With innovations like the D-Tech Conduit Property Management System integrated into systems like GeoWarehouse (a web-based, centralized property information source that provides state of the art mapping and research tools, as well as professional reports), it has become far easier to obtain a Condo Status Certificate online.

If the condo corporation from which you want to request a Status Certificate is participating, you may order and fulfill that order online in the GeoWarehouse Store and receive your document electronically. This eliminates the need for couriers, trips to the bank to obtain certified cheques and other hassles associated with obtaining a Condo Status Certificate the old way.

You must be a GeoWarehouse customer to purchase a Condo Status Certificate through GeoWarehouse. If you are a GeoWarehouse customer here is how to request a Condo Status Certificate online:

1.            Firstly, locate a subject property by performing a search on the GeoWarehouse homepage.

2.            Once you have located the property, click on ‘Property Details.’

3.            Beside the Condominium Information heading, if there is a little orange GeoWarehouse Store icon with the words ‘Condo Status Certificate,’ this means that a Condo Status Certificate is available.  If you have performed a search and don’t see the icon, this means that the GeoWarehouse Store doesn’t currently have a Condo Certificate for the subject property.

4.            After clicking on the icon, a window will appear directing you to the Conduit website where you can login and complete the purchase of your Condo Status Certificate.

5.            If you have never used Conduit and don’t have an account, you can create one. Once you have a Conduit account (and anytime you see that a Status Certificate is available on GeoWarehouse), you can use the service to obtain your Condo Status Certificate online.

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