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Real Estate Branding – What is the Brand That is You?

By October 1, 2013No Comments

Real Estate Branding


Your personal brand as a real estate sales professional and your personal recognition plays a vital role in your professional success. Real estate branding is a topic that has been widely discussed in the industry and good real estate branding can lead to increased customer retention, not to mention new business.

Mobile technology and social media has changed the way that your prospects and customers receive information, so being digitally connected to them is critical.

Once you make a connection to a customer you open up a gateway to remarket to them, maintain recognition and be there to support them the next time they are ready to buy or sell. A real estate sales professional who is a thought-leader, providing wise counsel and not just information, sets the stage for life-long learning and life-long relationships.

When trying to hammer out the “brand that is you,” Fast Company released an excellent article with a list of things to consider (view it here: Here are some quick tidbits:

  1. What makes you different?
  2. What is the pitch for you?
  3. What’s the real power of you?
  4. What does loyalty mean to you?
  5. What is the future of you?
  6. We have added from an excellent TED talk – What is your why?

Establishing the brand that is you is only the beginning of the battle – next will be promoting the brand that is you.

How can you promote the brand that is you? By embracing and leveraging the tools that you have available to you, like mobile apps that keep you connected and investing time in your social networks,  making a concerted effort to grow those networks through sharing information that is of real value.

You must remember though that digital networking exposes you to a wide audience and so the information you share is a direct reflection of your brand. Accuracy and professionalism is paramount. You can digitally establish the brand that is you and the public’s perception of your personal brand by putting great consideration into how you go about sharing and engaging and the type of information you publish. The information that you publish and the information you share should be consistent with your core values.

You are on the road all the time so another important factor that may influence the perception of your personal brand is accessibility. Mobile tools that keep you both connected to other real estate sales professionals and the clients you serve are vital in a fast moving market place. Mobility and having instant access to information that enables you to serve your client with quick and accurate information on-the-go enhances your personal brand and credibility.

In a recent article by Ozzie Logozzo, executive director of the Ontario Real Estate Association Real Estate College, there is a great discussion regarding what the brand of a real estate professional could be. Logozzo discusses stigma in the industry and how real estate sales professionals can rise to a standard that changes perceptions of what the real estate professional brand in Ontario should look like.

How do you feel about the perception of what a real estate sales professional is in Ontario? Would you prefer to be judged by the brand that is you or by the brand that has been established for you by the industry? Do you think that there is a perception of what a real estate professional is or is capable of simply in reference to the identification with the words real estate? We’re listening…

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