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What Real Estate Tools Can You Use to Identify What is Being Portrayed by the 4 Images?

By October 7, 2013No Comments

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Take a look at these 4 pictures. Then think about finding the perfect house for your clients. What do these four images have in common with regard to that search? Noise, air pollution, unpleasant smells…how many of your clients would be happy living in an area with any of these features in their backyard? Probably not too many.

Sure, it may be possible to stumble upon these when you take your client to view a home, but do you really want to even bother taking your client somewhere that has attributes in the neighbourhood that could be deal breakers? If these issues are not identified beforehand, the entire trip to the home could be a waste of your time and theirs.

How can you determine what types of structures/features are in a given neighbourhood without having to drive around to countless areas? How can you find out the undesirable characteristics of an area without the driving and legwork? Furthermore, many of these features may not be visible when you drive down the road where the house is located, but their presence even within a few kilometers may be a big turn-off later on.

Here is where the benefits of aerial imagery come in. From within GeoWarehouse and with the click of a mouse you have the ability to view things from above, at a much wider scale than the local drive would provide. This allows you to knock those properties off the list if there are certain characteristics that you know your clients would not want.

Aerial imagery makes creating the most comprehensive list of potential homes a breeze. Even better, use it in combination with other advantageous real estate tools and save yourself time and money.

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