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Team Member Spotlight

Team Member Spotlight Series – Sunitha Ambala, Senior Data Analyst

By May 19, 2022No Comments
Team Member Spotlight

Behind the scenes, our dedicated team of experts work hard to support the GeoWarehouse® solution and help bring you the most robust and authoritative property research, data and analytics tool in Ontario. In this series, we will be featuring a new team member each month to shine the light on who they are and how they support you in your business through Teranet GeoWarehouse’s platform.     

This month, we spoke with our Senior Data Analyst, Sunitha Ambala, to discuss her experience at Teranet, the many platforms she supports and how she continues to drive innovation within the company to offer the most effective and reliable service for our customers.  

Q. Tell us a bit about your career path and how you came to hold your current position. 

A. I graduated with a Master of Computer Applications and began my career as a SQL developer and worked in different IT Firms. The organizations I worked for specialized in financial, retail and consumer packaged goods. This was my first exposure to the Land Registry System. As a developer, I worked on multiple datasets which opened the path to learning about analytics and Insights development. I joined Teranet in 2020 and I am part of the Data Analytics department supporting over 5 products.   

During my time in Data Analytics, I specialized in supporting and developing analytics in the Real Estate vertical (GeoWarehouse and PurView®) and LendView. The skills, knowledge, and experience helped me to develop new analytical products like Lendview Portfolio Services, and the Residential Relocation Reports. I look forward to developing new resources for our clients and growing my skills.  

Q. How has your role changed over time? 

A. Initially, my role was to support Lendview products, as time progressed, I started to focus on all internal reporting in Teranet which included GeoWarehouse, PurView, and other Government services. I must say that I am truly fortunate to be surrounded by an amazing group of colleagues and great management teams who have always mentored, encouraged, and supported my career path.   

I was given the task to participate in supporting product roadmap objectives with respect to the rollout of the new analytical products, by organizing, prioritizing, and presenting customer feedback to our Product Management team, as a result, I became the lead for supporting and enhancements to the products like Lendview and internal reports for GeoWarehouse and Purview.  

Q. How does your role tie into the modernization and innovation of solutions offered by Teranet?  

A. My main goal is to develop innovative analytical products using Teranet’s data. My role gives me the opportunity to hear from our clients directly, allowing me to build relationships, provide information sessions about Lendview, GeoWarehouse and Purview and obtain feedback that can help our product team assess and consider future enhancements to our platform. Teranet is an innovative company, and we are always looking for ways to provide a service that is most effective and reliable for our customers.

Q. What do you think is the most notable innovation in your division in recent years?  

A. I am extremely impressed with all our product and development teams and what they have been developing throughout the years at Teranet. We are always working on providing the best solutions to our clients. I must say that GeoWarehouse has made a substantial number of enhancements thanks to the feedback we have received from our customers. We have been able to add valuable reports, increase functionalities and deliver a fast and reliable service.  

Q. What do you think has been the key to keeping your team at Teranet motivated and engaged?  

A. The team is motivated by the new and challenging requirements from clients which helps us to know more about the existing and external data. Also, to develop new products and provide deep insights. This can also help the team to learn and apply innovative technologies.  

Q. What can customers expect in the future? 

A. Our customers can expect Teranet to continue to expand and innovate existing products that will add value and help their day-to-day business. I am excited about what the future holds.  

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