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Property Title Search

Use a Property Search to Unlock Everything You Need to Know on a Deal!

By January 4, 2016No Comments

geo1Your life is fast paced. You have to navigate between driving in new leads, representing buyers, dealing with showings and open houses, negotiating offers and more – we don’t need to tell you, you know what a day in your life looks like…

The faster you can get your job done, the better. Thankfully, gone are the days of having to manually go through MLS listings to research properties and generate sales comparables thanks to technology bringing us new tools and capabilities that do more.

In today’s market, many real estate sales professionals perform property searches on any deal because they: validate homeowner information, registered mortgages, property sales history, sales comps, neighbourhood demographics and more…

A property search is a must because is serves so many purposes:

Representing a buyer

Property searches are used:

  • As a marketing tool
  • As an information tool for clients
  • When a client wants to make an offer you can check the property to ensure that there is equity to cover closing costs, including your commissions

Representing a seller

Property searches:

  • Enable you to verify that your client is the person listed on title
  • Enable you to check if the property has sufficient equity to pay you
  • Can be used as a marketing piece in open houses and to send to other real estate professionals

Running a property search means that you will waste less times on deals that are no good and even mitigate the likelihood of taking on a client who plans or is in the process of committing real estate fraud. You also become more efficient because instead of looking for the information in many different places the property search consolidates everything into one report. It is also an amazing marketing tool.

Property sales reports can be used to send to buyers who are in the market, either by email or as discussion tools when on the road with clients (if you don’t already have the ViMO app). Your property details report represents excellent value to sellers because it is a report that can be generated at a click and emailed to the buyer’s real estate sales professional.

With a property sales report from GeoWarehouse, you can be sure that all the relevant and required information you need is obtained, protecting both yourself and your clients.

Not a GeoWarehouse customer yet? What are you waiting for? Find out more today about all the benefits of the tools available through GeoWarehouse, including the property sales report. Visit today.