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Parcel Register

When a Parcel Register* is in Order!

By December 9, 2015No Comments

geo2So what is a Parcel Register* anyways? To some the words Parcel Register* don’t mean much at all. This is thanks to a very common misconception that a Parcel Register* is the same as a property title search. A property title search is the entire process that a real estate lawyer performs in order to validate that title is clear. The Parcel Register* is a part of this process.

The Parcel Register* contains valuable information and is the most current source of land titles data available in Ontario:

  • Property’s legal description
  • Property identification number (PIN number)
  • Who the legal homeowner is
  • The type and % of ownership

A history of registrations on the property – mortgages, transfers, liens, easements and more

  • Registration number
  • Registrant’s name/company name
  • Amount of registration

This information can be invaluable for a real estate sale professional – especially if further digging is in order on a deal. If you are concerned there may be other people on title to a property or that there could be a lien, a Parcel Register* may be in order. You may even have a client who discloses a lien and when that happens you surely want to validate it as well as the amount.

Sometimes the Parcel Register* will come up clear and other times reveal surprises. So, what happens when your Parcel Register* turns up a lien for example, one that you and your client were unaware of? The next step would be to gather more details.

The Parcel Register* will give you the name and registered amount of the lien, and if your client doesn’t have the contact information, you can use the registration number in the Parcel Register* to view the Instrument Image of the lien (an Instrument Image is a PDF of the actual electronic document used to register the lien).

This Instrument Image will include all contact information for any registrant of any item associated to a registration number on a Parcel item – whether a lien, charge, transfer or easement. This will empower you and your client to get to the bottom of whatever the challenge is as it relates to the property title.

A Parcel Register* really is in order on any deal if you want to 100% vet every single client. With that said, some real estate professionals use them at different stages in the listing/buying process. In this instance, a Parcel Register is in order when something feels off on a deal.

Want to know more about how a Parcel Register* can help you dig deeper, or want to order one? Parcel Registers, as well as Instrument Images and many other documents, are available online through the GeoWarehouse Store!

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*An official product of the Ontario government pursuant to provincial land registration statutes.