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Condo Status Certificate

Condo Status Certificate Online – Say It Ain’t So?

By October 21, 2013No Comments

Condo Status CertificateWe are happy to report that yes, it is so! We all know that requesting a Condo Status Certificate is probably one of your least favourite aspects of closing a deal. However, now it doesn’t have to be!

Traditionally, the process of requesting a Condo Status Certificate required tracking down the appropriate person at the condo corporation, making your request in writing (usually by fax) and then having to mail payment by certified means before they will even get started on the request. Next you can wait up to 10 days before the Condo Status Certificate is ready and arrange a courier to pick up the massive document.

Seems like a complicated, time consuming way to go about getting something, especially given the fact that it is 2013 and technology makes virtually every other aspect of our life effortless.

GeoWarehouse has made the process of requesting Condo Status Certificates a little bit easier. While many are not fully available for online viewing, they can be requested online through the GeoWarehouse Store.

What does this mean to you? It means that you can simply access the GeoWarehouse Store, request a Condo Status Certificate online, pay by credit card and then either receive it electronically or, if it is not available electronically, arrange to have it picked up.

Yes, it’s that easy!

If you are listing a condo or representing a buyer then you know that you will need a Condo Status Certificate as it provides complete disclosure with respect to the financial standing of the condo corporation. It can also reveal if the condo owner is in arrears on their condo fees. It pays to get it before your deal is finalized as it will make for a smoother closing and help you to identify issues that could come up upon closing once the real estate lawyer gets their hands on it.

If you are a real estate sales professional who does not specialize in condos but it is an area you want to get into, Miller Thompson released a really good whitepaper titled “Condominium Ownership – What You Need to Know”( ). This whitepaper highlights a lot of useful information as perceived through the eyes of a lawyer as it relates to condo purchases. It also highlights the purpose and necessity of a Condo Status Certificate.

Get ahead of issues before they become issues and save yourself time in the process with an online Condo Status Certificate request through the GeoWarehouse store. Visit or call 1-866-237-5937.