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Residential Relocation Reports

Teranet Inc. launches new Residential Relocation Reports in GeoWarehouse

By February 2, 2022No Comments

As part of Teranet’s ongoing effort to enhance our offering to real estate sales professionals and with the input of our Teranet Insighters members, we launched the Residential Relocation Reports to the GeoWarehouse Store.  

We recently spoke to Julie Nguyen a Product Manager at Teranet Inc. to dig a bit deeper into the value that these new reports offer. 

Q: What are the New Residential Relocation Reports?

Our new Residential Relocation Reports provide real estate professionals regardless of your role, access to relocation data, insights and trends of various neighbourhoods (through FSAs), Municipalities or Land Registry Offices (LRO).  

Q: Tell us a little more about why Teranet introduced the new Residential Relocation Reports in the GeoWarehouse Store.

We have a community of our clients through the Teranet Insighters and based on feedback from them and our clients at large, there was a great demand to provide additional information regarding migration patterns. We worked with our Team of data scientists and our Teranet Insighter’s Community to identify the types of data they wanted and have created the Residential Relation Report in three tiers of data.  

Q: Why would a real estate professional invest in a Residential Relocation Report?

The Residential Relocation Reports were created to help add value to the professionals involved in a real estate sales transaction. These customizable reports assist by providing relocation activity within specific areas/markets. 

Q. What type of data/insights and intel are included in these Residential Relocation Reports?

The Residential Relocation Report includes market trends including sales data, property types, percentage of first-time buyers, breakdown of buyers by age and from where other buyers have come from.

See how you can garner more insights and improve the experience of your clients by leveraging the NEW Relocation Report in GeoWarehouse. To learn more, you can attend one of our training sessions, view our handy Tips & Tricks guide, or call our customer service support team at 1-866-237-5937 or visit 

Julie NguyenJulie joined Teranet in 2021 and is a Product Manager on the Real Estate team. She oversees Teranet’s flagship GeoWarehouse application. Julie is passionate about leveraging technology, innovation and digital transformation, to help professionals on their real estate journey.