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The PIN-ARN Cross-Reference Report

We Have Your Numbers! Linking all the information you need has never been easier.

In a Nutshell

Cross-referencing your data allows you to link property ownership information and assessment information to get the full picture of all of the attributes associated with a parcel of land. You can speed up your workday by having all your data combined in one easy reference spot.

The Particulars

The PIN-ARN Cross-Reference Report defines the relationship between:

  • The POLARIS Property Identification Number (PIN), the nine digit number assigned to an ownership property, and
  • The corresponding MPAC Assessment Roll Number (ARN), the 15-digit number assigned by MPAC

This relationship is defined using both spatial and attribute data.

The Delivery

Powered by GeoWarehouse®, this report offers a number of delivery formats to suit your needs—including ASCII Text File Format or MicroSoft Access MDB File Format. Product updates come your way as you need them, and they come complete, with a re-delivery of the entire geographic coverage. You never miss a step. The timing and frequency of deliveries is worked out in advance, with a schedule that suits your business.

The Coverage

The PIN-ARN Cross-Reference Report is available across Ontario, and we can customize the delivery area to suit your needs.

The Fine Print

  • The PIN and ARN both need to be active within the mapping database and the PIN needs to be active in the title database.
  • PINs not available may include:
    • those for certain leasehold or limited interests in land.
    • those where multiple PINs are assigned to one parcel of land; or
    • those where one PIN is assigned to multiple parcels of land.
  • ARNs for billboards, kiosks, pipelines, or international bridges and tunnels may
    not be available.
  • Some information may not be available for properties in non-automated areas
    where a PIN-ARN relationship can’t be derived.

Get the Facts

For more information, write to or call 1 866 237 5937.