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GeoWarehouse Store Product Guide

At the GeoWarehouse Store, you’ll find professional tools you can customize to suit the situation, so your fact-finding fits your client like a glove. This full suite of GeoWarehouse products delivers the data, giving you access to complete and current research solutions available. Eliminate the guesswork, amp up your bottom line and make your life easier.

Parcel Register*

A record containing property description and list of instruments registered against the property within the Land Registration System of Ontario1 as of the date of search. A real time up to date report for a property. The provincial ownership record. Exercise due diligence by
identifying registered encumbrances, and acquire an instrument number.

  • HOW TO BUY Search for an active Subject Property and select Parcel Register. Active PINs Page 1: FEE $28.
  • STATUTORY FEE $8 plus ELRSA2 FEE $20. Additional Pages: FEE $2. STATUTORY FEE $1 plus ELRSA FEE $1. Inactive PINs: FEE $1. STATUTORY FEE $0 plus ELRSA FEE $1.

Instrument Image*

Image of a registered document within the Land Registration System of Ontario. Instruments may include liens, mortgages, transfers and condominium declarations, among others. An Instrument Number is required to purchase an Instrument Image.

  • HOW TO BUY Search for an Instrument Number and select Purchase Instrument. The purchase of a Parcel Register may be required to obtain the Instrument Number. FEE $3.

Plan Image*

Image of a Plan registered or deposited within the Land Registration System of Ontario. The Property Survey will not typically be one of the Plans registered or deposited on a property, however Reference Plans and Plans of Subdivision can be sourced. Quickly view graphical representation to assist with identifying property boundaries and their location.

  • HOW TO BUY Search for a Plan Number or search for a Subject Property and select Plan List by PIN to search for registered Plans associated with the property. FEE $15.
  • STATUTORY FEE $5 plus ELRSA* FEE $10.

Property Survey Image

Image of the Survey Plan portion of a Surveyor’s Real Property Report, Building Location Survey or other undeposited Plan provided by third-party surveying firms. Easily acquire dimensions of property boundary and structural elements of the land.

  • HOW TO BUY Visit the Property Details for a Subject Property to be notified if a property survey is available for the property. Select Property Survey to view the available third-party surveys. FEE Variable.

Report Selector

The GeoWarehouse Store makes it even easier to get access to the report you need.

  • Parcel Register: Confirm any registered liens, easements or encumbrances on a property. Parcel Registers are live abstracts of Land Registration System of Ontario.
  • Instrument Image: See full document details of any registration including, for example, debt terms against the property (encumbrances and liens) as well as the locations of easements.
  • Private Survey: Confirm structural extents and property extents as of the date of survey.
  • Zoom2It Imagery: Create custom client reports using aerial imagery available for all southern Ontario, including areas typically not covered in most mainstream imagery providers.

All prices are subject to change. * An official product of the Ontario government pursuant to provincial land registration statutes.

  1. The system of electronic land registration of Ontario established pursuant to provincial land registration statutes.
  2. Electronic Land Registration Services Act.