GeoWarehouse Training at Your Fingertips – GeoWarehouseTV on YouTube

July 15th, 2013

GeoWarehouse TrainingIf there is one thing that the GeoWarehouse team at Teranet has maintained, it’s a constant commitment towards training and a positive user experience. Providing access to information and resources to make using GeoWarehouse effortless continues to be a top priority.

As you are aware, this year GeoWarehouse went social. This included the launch of a brand new YouTube channel, GeoWarehouseTV. The channel can be accessed by visiting or by typing GeoWarehouse into the search field on YouTube. Don’t forget to bookmark it in your favourites.

GeoWarehouseTV was created to put access to training resources and other information at your fingertips.

What’s there now?

o   Demo video – product overview

o   How to view an Insurance Claims History Report on a property

o   How to access the “Year Built” of a subject property through an MPAC Assessment Report

o   Getting started on GeoWarehouse

o   Performing a Property Search and finding property information

o   The Property Details Report

When using GeoWarehouse and any time you have a question or would like a tip about how to do something, quickly access the above video tutorials (which are available both at and on GeoWarehouseTV) to quickly find an answer.

Checking into GeoWarehouseTV regularly is a good idea for both newcomers to the industry and seasoned real estate veterans. GeoWarehouseTV will also be a place where you can learn about new products and promotions. Newcomers can learn about how to use the program, different searches, reports, imagery, other products and their benefits.

Expert Real Estate Sales Professionals stay in the know about new products and updates from the GeoWarehouse team. They can also learn about searches, reports that are available in the GeoWarehouse Store, and new products.

A great example of this is the recent launch of the Insurance Claims History Report:, you now have the ability to access an Insurance Claims History Report on a property on GeoWarehouse (information supplied by HomeVerified) and you can find out more information at GeoWarehouseTV

For more information about GeoWarehouse or GeoWarehouseTV please visit or