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GeoWarehouse for Investigations and Collections

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We know that the more information you have at your disposal, the more effectively you can do your job. GeoWarehouse unlocks valuable information that will accelerate your initiatives.

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Why do law enforcement and collection agencies use GeoWarehouse?

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Tax Consultants

Enhance the level of service you provide to your clients by using GeoWarehouse. Our solutions increase your ability to verify homeownership information, view mortgages and liens, see the most recent sales history data, access images of a subject property, and more.

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GeoWarehouse provides you with information that you can use to support your business. Research properties of interest, access homeownership information, purchase copies of registered documents, and more.

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Private Investigators

Private investigators use GeoWarehouse to accelerate their investigations as it allows them to verify homeownership information, access sales data, use StreetScape imagery to view the property as well as the area surrounding the property, and more.

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Law Enforcement

Law enforcement professionals can access vital information available in our GeoWarehouse online service. You can find out who owns the property & identify past owners of a property, use the most recent sales history to identify patterns that may indicate fraudulent behaviour, use enhanced imagery to view the property from different angles as well as the surrounding areas, examine a property without visiting the premises in person, purchase property instruments, and more.

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GeoWarehouse’s map is up to date and it helped me find the location easily. I could not find the same location in TREB’s maps.

I was able to get a comparables report easily. The report gave me a quick list which I used to hone in on the best comparables.

Asghar Jafri

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Insights from the Trenches

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As a GeoWarehouse® subscriber, you understand the value GeoWarehouse provides for your da...
As a GeoWarehouse® subscriber, you know how important it is to have access to reliable da...