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Parcel Register Brochure

Know Your Listing

Busy REALTORS® like you need the most up-to-date information possible – data that’s easily accessible. A Parcel Register from the GeoWarehouse Store gives you that visible route to a smoother transaction, so you can close the deal.

A Parcel Register* is the provincial ownership record and holds the most recent & complete title information available for a property in Ontario.

  • Mortgage Details
  • Lien Details (Tax, Mechanic, Construction, and more)
  • Registered Leases (e.g., commercial tenant)
  • A Complete Sales History**
  • Ownership Information
  • Registered easements affecting a Property
  • Legal Description
  • Property Remarks
  • Estate/Qualifier
  • Conversion Date From Land Registry to Land Titles (where applicable)

* An official product of the Ontario government pursuant to provincial land registration statutes.
** From the time a property was converted and/or automated as a Land Title Parcel in the Province of Ontario Electronic Land Registration System.

GeoWarehouse Store

Make parcel registers part of your due diligence today!

Because you need to be as thorough as you can with the time that you have, a Parcel Register from the GeoWarehouse Store is accessible and you will breathe easier knowing that things are in order on your side of the fence.

“One property I searched in Bracebridge had so many liens… there would be no way I could glean any commission. I was able to suggest to this person that they should seek legal advice before progressing further. Searching title on the property… saved me in the long run…“

– Cindy from Muskoka